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Think positive

Positive thinking is a state of mind which makes you think only about the good side and leads to good and positive results.


Experience the happiness within

How do you define happiness? Why do we always have the thirst for happiness? Is happiness same as pleasure or do we feel happy when we do things that give us pleasure?


Enjoy while you do anything throughout the day

Prepare a check list as to which all things you want to do or which all things you enjoy and do. Pick a minimum of one such activity for each day. Try to add more activities each day to the check list so that you don’t repeat the activities every day. These activities may include your hobbies and your regular classes which you enjoy.


Start your day with happiness with these tips:

Start your day with happiness with these tips Keep buffer time in the morning and wake up. This will keep you free to do any work without stress Talk to yourself “Today is a good day”, “Everything will be good today”, “I will be very happy today”.


Goals in life

Do you have some definite plans and goals in life?