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Let us understand what goes on in your brain when you relax. You see, when you effectively relax your brain waves shift and you enter a deeper level of consciousness. This is what’s known as the Alpha, Theta and Delta Level.
The biggest challenge most face when relaxing is staying in the deeper states long enough to experience the benefits of relaxation. The result is distractions like mental chatter. Lack of focus. Physical restlessness.
Lot of people spend a lot of time and money to learn this very special skill of relaxation trying to achieve desired results and overcome the challenges – UniSync audio uses a next-generation version of binaural beats to guide your brainwaves into deeper levels of Alpha, Theta & Delta, and keep you there for as long as you want to.
All you need to do is press play, relax, and the audio works automatically in a matter of minutes. This is a personal empowerment program designed to unleash the power and raise your energy vibrations, which will in turn benefit all areas of your life. You’ll do better in your career, increase your wealth-making abilities, beat stress, improve your health and relationships, and even find your life purpose.

UniSync audio is completely different in many ways.
This program is based on a revolutionary technology called “ Multi-Layered Resonance Architecture “ MRA in short.
This simply means,
This has 4 & 5 layers of sound engineering embedded in the audio tracks, They are
1. Progressive Binaural Beats , which are much different in volume, frequency and spacing through out the audio to achieve the desired results
2. Nature sounds and guided flow to produce an ambience suitable for different purposes
3. Music and sound amalgamation which resonates with brainwaves , carefully engineered to produce very soothing effect and embedded with specific volume
4. Subliminal programming tracks, which are highly specifically designed to achieve the outcomes stated in a highly positive way (unlike many inexperience recording which may end up producing in-effective tracks )
5. Soothing suggestions, guided flow of words and suggestions used in “Overcome” series addressing specific challenges such as “ Anxiety, Stress, Giving up bad habits, Overcoming procrastination, laziness, Fear etc “

Of course ! This technology works very effectively for both beginners and experienced people who are good at relaxation.
If you’re a beginner, you’re probably still trying to get past the mental chatter and lack of focus so you can enter the deeper levels of mind.
If you’ve been relaxing for years, you might be looking for more consistency with your practice, or deeper levels of mind. Or maybe you want to get into deeper levels in lesser time and with highest quality and tranquility.

All it really takes is as little as 21 minutes a day, which you can do on your lunch break, when you wake up, when you go to bed, or even closed eyed on the bus. Each track comes with timings of 21 minutes. Research has proved that 21 mins is the most optimum for getting the maximum benefit.
And what’s really awesome is that when you relax, you’ll find your schedule becoming less and less hectic. When you relax right, you’re able to focus, unclutter and get things done much faster than normal.
And don’t worry about missing a few days if you find yourself too busy. You’ll still get amazing results by doing it even 3 or 4 times a week.

If we had to give one piece of advice, do not try to listen to the brainwave technology or the relaxing rainfall, focus on your breathing. Pay attention to the effect that your thoughts have on your rate of breath and how. The more you get relaxed the less effect your thoughts have on you. After 8-10 minutes of this, your brainwaves will passively mimic and sync with the MRA entrainment frequencies, easily guiding you into various states of relaxation.

You can play the tracks from any source you want. Ensure that the tracks are listened with headphones. The ear phone are not very effective in producing 100% results. Ensure that the tracks are played through headphones as your ears will not get the effect. The tracks are very specifically designed to send different speakers in both the ears. This is very critical and must be followed.

This is not one of those 10 day miracle offerings, which most of them don’t work. You can actually start seeing the benefits from the very first use. The benefits are progressive and you will be able to experience it on a daily basis.
More over , you will start enjoying it so much that you are automatically drawn to using it on a daily basis. When the routine sets in, the results are there to see.
You will start experiencing less clutter in mind, relaxed and able see measurable differences in your approach towards life.
This will create the results and one fine day , we promise, you will surprised with your own results .

There is an incredible array of new physical sensations, thoughts, energies, and feelings one can experience during all levels on the relaxation journey, especially for beginners. Much of this is based on user expectation and an increased level of sensual, mental, and emotional awareness so easily created through relaxation. It is important to know that what this program is causing you to experience is completely natural, not so different than what is experienced at night during sleep when all of the same brainwave patterns are present. The difference is that during relaxation, your conscious mind and sub-conscious mind are forming a bridge, and much of that highly important information normally closed off during waking hours is suddenly available, which is a very good thing. The vast array of physical sensations, thoughts, energies, and feelings are indeed very normal and natural.

We recommend sessions of 21-42 minutes per day (that’s 1-2 tracks, you can use Vibrant series in the morning, Equilibrium series in the evening or Inner peace series in the night before you go to sleep).You will notice your body falling asleep while your mind stays conscious. A main goal when relaxing is to achieve what we call the “mind awake, body asleep” state. This is where the healing and balancing take place. It usually takes 6-10 minutes (sometimes more for beginners) to achieve this state. The more times a person uses the technology, the shorter the amount of time it takes to achieve the “mind awake, body asleep” state.

One of the first things that people report after beginning a relaxation program is improved sleep. It does not matter what time of day you use the technology, your sleep should be improved. Many people also report a clearer memory recall of their dreams, which can help in providing solutions and insights in your waking life. If you are going to use it for sleep we recommend keeping the sessions in the normal range, in terms of time.

This program is designed to be listened to through stereo headphones. This is very important! Standard speakers should not be used because each ear must perceive different tones for the technology to work. Headphones that enclose most of both ears are recommended, and definitely do not need to be expensive. An inexpensive alternative are earbuds, which also work quite well (the kind that fit inside the ear canal).

The healthcare industry is more focused on profit than wellness. You haven’t seen Designed Relaxation on your nightly news commercials because we don’t make exorbitant sums of money like modern-day drug companies. Business investors would much rather put their money into a company that has the ability to keep customers buying expensive medications and supplies over their entire lives than into a company that provides a technology with the ability to vastly improve your life at a fraction of the cost.

You can think of brainwave synchronization as exercise for the brain. There are temporary benefits that last for a few hours, short term benefits that last all day, and long term benefits that last for much longer, just like exercise.
It’s a matter of your choice, it is not addictive and does not make you depend on it. But most of the people choose to use it regularly just like exercise to stay mentally healthy and happy

It is quite normal to fall asleep when you first start listening to the tracks recommended. This usually means that you are not getting enough sleep (or enough quality sleep) at night. So if you are falling asleep during your sessions, then that is exactly what you need – sleep. As you use the tracks more, you will sleep better at night. You will also find that over time you require less sleep, as you are healing and balancing your mind and body every day during your powerfully deep relaxation sessions.

The entire program is classified into 4 series.
1. Vibrant series – Tracks in this series are aimed at giving a fresh and a focused start to you, could be in the beginning of a day, or during any start of any assignments, or a project etc. We have designed titles in such a way that you will be able to choose based on your requirements.

2. Equilibrium series – These tracks are aimed at removing all the mental clutter at any point of time during the day. Listening to these tracks will immediately give you a sense of peace with yourself and you will be able to overcome the stress, anxiety and mental chatter within few minutes. There are very specific titles you may want to choose from

3. Tranquil series – These tracks are aimed at giving you a good night sleep, allows you to do self introspection as you will reach very deep levels of mind. These tracks produce some of the extra-ordinary results and will help you overcome very very deep feelings which are embedded in your subconscious mind for over years.

4. Young Minds Series – These tracks are specially designed for the people from the age 5 to 23, These tracks are specifically engineered to produce beneficial effects to overcome the challenges being faced by the students in their life. The categories and explanations are given in the product page. We have been reported amazing breakthroughs in their performances both at studies and their overall personality development.